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GeorgiaInfo is an extensive Web online resource about Georgia. Its development was motivated by the conviction that such information, which can now be readily accessed by Georgians in every county, could help citizens and public officials of the state become better informed in order to identify new resources and make decisions to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Many areas in the site are currently still under construction. In a sense, GeorgiaInfo will always be under construction as it changes and continues to grow in response to the requests and needs of citizens and officials using it. It will be continuously updated to accommodate new available information and data and will likely change in appearance as new designs and formats are created.

The explosion of World Wide Web home pages on the Internet since 1995 means that new websites go online in Georgia almost daily. The purpose and quality of these sites obviously varies considerably, therefore, the GeorgiaInfo webmaster will monitor newly created sites and provide links to those that carry useful information for public officials, teachers, students, and citizens in general. Institute faculty will also be adding new material--particularly that which has been requested.

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